The Materials

The Craft

The Process

Central to the ethos at E.B. Meyrowitz is the perennial sense of style the atelier strives to encompass within every one of its designs. Whether inspired by reminiscence upon bygone days of occular fashion or even moved by the desire for preservation towards posterity, each eyepiece fashioned by EB Meyrowitz holds on this very quintessential quality. The expertise of the atelier however lies not only in the design and craft of the frame, but also in their long-standing ability to create unique pieces tailored to the individual. As such, for the most discerning patrons bespoke service is offered. Catered to each and every ocular need – from the initial consultation to the collection of the finished set of frames – clients are expected to feel as proud as the Griffin, the emblem of Meyrowitz, as he resides over his very own spectacles. Learn more about the process, craft and materials below...