EB Meyrowitz plaque LR Mailchimo

A wonderful introduction into the world of thermoplastic optical materials. Lightweight and soft to the touch, Acetate stands as a superb starting place to begin the bespoke adventure at E.B. Meyrowitz. Offered in an array of mottles, block colours and semi-transparent tones one is very much spoilt for choice when choosing such a fabric. Disadvantaged only by the sheer number of options and finishes available it is little wonder vast collections of frames are more than  quickly accumulated through the  years.

Arousing to the gaze and seamless to the touch Buffalo Horn is a true marvel to behold. Never ceasing to amaze with rich colour structure, deep-set granularity and enviable texture, the noble material offers a truly unmistakeable aesthetic unsurpassed by any other material of its kind. Possesing incredible lightness and the distinctive ability to mirror one's own skin temperature Buffalo Horn most certainly provides a cornucopia of delights for the wearer.

Quite truly stuff of magic Tortoiseshell is the pinnacle of all ocular reveries. Boasting etherial weightlessness and otherworldly luminosity this wondrous substance neither adheres nor conforms to any status quo in frame making. Gorgeous mottled motifs blaze with charm while mercurial composition gracefully bestows unrelenting character to the illustrious eyepiece. Exceptionally refined and indeed a rarity amongst rarities, Tortoiseshell spectacles not only serve as a mere ocular device but also an investment, a piece of art to be handed down through the generations.

Ranging from exceptionally versatile titanium to wonderfully opulent 18k gold, metals are the newest extension of the E.B. Meyrowitz spectacle range. Realised in numerous finishes and blends, possibilities are truly vast. Custom lens design furthermore adds even greater possibilities for rimless commissions.