Meticulously well crafted in the most traditional of methods, the Ready-To-Wear collection of spectacles and sunglasses at E.B. Meyrowitz offers an ever-changing selection of eyewear comprised of long-standing veterans and fresh faces within the rank and file of the oculist. Beautifully designed and wonderfully varied, the ready-to-wear collection presents a multitude of options for even the most discerning of optical aficionados.

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The Corbusier in Acetate

Built in micro-productions of but a few pieces per style, Limited Editions at E.B. Meyrowitz strive to offer the unique and remarkable whether (be it) in design, style, material or even colour. Gracing the boutique but a handful of times throughout the year, one would be a miss to allow such elusive creations to escape their grasps.

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Limited Edition

The Atticus in Buffalo Horn

Encapsulating the very essence of the optical atelier, bespoke service stands as the very highest order offering at E.B. Meyrowitz. Exemplifying the marriage of design excellence and build distinction, form and function blend seamlessly to bestow upon the wearer a frame of unequal measure both in aesthetic and fit. The pinnacle of ocular individuality and technical excellence, a bespoke commission truly is a piece to be treasured.

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Bespoke Service

The Birdie in Horn & Shell