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Our Spectacles

Offering elegant form and balanced design, The New Yorker really is a superb everyday concern.

The New Yorker

Holding soft rectangular curves and superb proportions, The Casablanca, exceptionally well turned out.

The Casablanca

Boasting wonderfully slight build and enviable lines, The Atticus, always keeping a cool head.  

The Atticus

Exhibiting meticulous bridgework and wonderfully slight rims, The Siena certainly is a most elegant set of frames.

The Siena

Flaunting a gorgeous top line and elegant triple pinning, The Rivoli, a true sartorial heavyweight.

The Rivoli

Extending chic contours and wonderful simplicity of form, The Californian certainly turns thoughts towards warmer climes.

The Californian

Featuring robust build and strong rectangular form, The Praiano, no better choice for a sun soaked getaway.

The  Praiano

Boasting beautifully crafted circular rims and lavish bowed ends, The Bloomsbury stands out as quite the head turner.

The Bloomsbury

Enjoying a highly seductive top line and wonderfully full contours, What’s New Pussycat certainly is easy on the eye.

What's New Pussycat

Offering a complex top line and heavy-set temple structure, The Hardy sure is one to watch.

The Hardy

Featuring an exquisite double bar bridge and wonderfully slight rims, The Sicilian is indeed the perfect partner for the summer months ahead.

The Sicilian

Furnishing meticulously sculpted temples and sensational contouring, The Augustus stands as a testament to exceptional craftsmanship.

The Augustus

Featuring fantastic bridgework and tremendously slight build, The Bostonian, a truly standout piece.

The Bostonian

Presenting traditional structure and strong rims, The Rabat, a fantastic choice for the sunny days ahead.

The Rabat

Displaying exquisite circular rims and elegant build, The Jeremy, a fine compliment to one's day.

The Jeremy

Displaying strong form and devilishly good looks, The Brooklyn, an ideal partner in crime.

The Brooklyn

Displaying fantastic bow-ended temples and excellent ovular structure, The Slavic presents itself as more than just capable pair of eyes.

The Slavic

Sporting a complex top line and beautifully bold lugs, The Beluga, a standout piece of work by any means.

The Beluga

Furnishing strong lines and elegant rims, The Byron, a charming companion for all manner of pursuits.

The Byron

Offering bold contours and lilting curves, The Argyll really is a showstopper of a piece.

The Argyll

Offering classical form and elegant contours, The Firenze is indeed a splendid set of rims.

The Firenze

Boasting decadent form and beautiful bow-end temples, The Oxford, the perfect literary accompaniment.

The Oxford

Offering traditional structure and elegant lines, The Forli presents itself a wholly balanced proposition.

The Forli

Offering wonderful simplicity of form and beautifully slight curves, The Portofino, one for the weekend.

The Portofino

Sporting traditional form and elegant build, The Fez, an inspired choice.

The Fez

Furnishing bold lines and excellent bridgework, The Tarfaya certainly is a superb companion for the summer months.

The Tarfaya

Displaying balanced construction and beautiful curves, The Positano, keeping temperatures at a balmy high.

The Positano

Brandishing a sensational top line and exquisite form, The McQueen, effortlessly cool.

The  McQueen

Sporting fine rims and relaxed build, The Rumbaba, ever the ardent globetrotter.

The Rumbaba

Enjoying lilting curves and balanced construction, The Tangier, more than a welcome sight first thing in the morning.

The Tangier

Offering strong lines and rectangular form, The Lucho, a frame for all seasons.

The Lucho

Featuring a complex top line and elegant rim structure, The Hemingway, a handsome accomplice if ever there was one.

The Hemingway

Extending elegant curves and chic triple pinning, The Starsky II really is a seriously cool addition to any wardrobe.

The Starsky II

⁠    ⁠⁠      ⁠________

Offering chic rectangular rims and sublime curves, La Dolce Vita stands out as a most excellent set of sunglasses.

La Dolce Vita

Flaunting feminine curves and a wonderfully arched top line, The Delphine, a beauty to behold.

The Delphine

Holding bold contours and oversize build, The Maiori, a fine friend to accompany one's travels.

The Maiori

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