EB Meyrowitz plaque LR Mailchimo

Comprised of the finest master craftsmen and budding apprentices, E.B. Meyrowitz holds a wealth of experience in the ranks of its artisans. With an unmatched commitment to the discipline of frame making, a philosophy has not only been created and upheld but handed down through the generations. Hand-in-hand flows an almost obsessive adherence to sourcing and maintaining the finest materials with which to produce such exquisite eyewear. The result is a culture of excellence imbued within every set of spectacles fashioned by the age old oculist. Whether worn for a lifetime or merely held as objects of‍ desire, one's eyepiece will indeed be a piece treasured for many years to come.

Upwards of forty hours are often taken on the construction of any one frame with allowance of up to two additional weeks given to the preparation of horn or tortoiseshell beforehand. Once measurements and designs have been received by our craftsmen and discussed at length, work will henceforth begin.

Plates will be prepped, tools sharpened and minds focused accordingly. With materials in workable state, guidelines will be drawn and the initial shape cut. Edges will then be shaved to achieve optimal exactness and the bridge moulded and shaped according to the contours of the clients nose. Grooves will be cut into the inner rims of the frame to allow for lenses and rivets suitably pinned to accommodate the coupling of the temples.

Frames will then undergo a thorough polishing to smoothen the contours of the construction and realise the required finished expected. A ‍‍rigorous inspection will finally be carried out and ‍‍initial plans will be checked before completion.